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Basically, we just built this website to support our kayak rental business. Enough said? Maybe.

We found that kayaking appeals to some talented writers. People like to write about their kayak adventures. If they’re nudged the right way, they can write about kayak safety. Left to themselves, they’re likely to write about their favorite rivers and parks, about fishing and bird watching, nature, pollution, ecology, going Green, and the Simple Life. (Whatever that means to them.)

Some people discover their affinity for the kayak when they’re allowed to use one for free during a river clean-up event. They just might feel moved to write something about “National Return Shopping Carts Month” (that’s February, if you were wondering) because it’s quite a challenge to fish a lost shopping cart out of a polluted river in a kayak.

Some people discover their love of kayaking when they have to give up running or some other sport that involves running. We know a guy like that. The neat thing is that he doesn’t write about the pain in his knee. He writes about the sassy little green herons and the enthusiastic cormorants on the river.

Some people discover kayaks when they’re looking for a way to work their lats and triceps…away from the noise and sweat odor at the gym. Or for a safe, low-pressure form of stimulation for a patient with brain damage. Or for something the whole family can do together on Sunday afternoons.

So, since kayaks inspire quite a few bloggers to write about quite a few different things…what’s your story? What do you get out of kayaking? We have a blog page on this website. Feel free to share.